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Dark Sector is a great action game with a some new elements in gaming
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Dark Sector has been around for a while on the consoles. However, it has just made its debut on the PC. Dark Sector is an action game created by Digital Extremes. This game is not a first-person, but a third-person shooter, resembling the action cameras of Gears of War. In the game, you are Hayden Tenno, a special forces operative that suffers from a real-life disease called congenital analgia. This means he cannot feel pain. In a mission on the Eastern block, he gets exposed to a biological substance that mutates him. He now has to deal with other mutants that became mad due to the pain of the mutation, which Hayden could not feel.

There is a special element in the game, besides the mutation, called the glaive. This is a triple-edged metal boomerang that can be controlled at will. It also makes a bloody mess, but a lot of the elements and puzzles of the game revolve around Dark Sector. The action is very entertaining and fun, but the plot gets weak a bit in the game. Not that it matters much. If you want cool action, take a look on Dark Sector.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good action and graphics


  • The story gets weaker as the game progresses
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